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Relief for Flood Affected People in Bangladesh

One of the very important pillars that Superstar group stands upon is the mission to make the lives of people better, bringing a smile in the face of everyone. Thus, when distress calls, it becomes our utmost priority to step forward and give our best to provide solutions and help.

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Donation of Winter Affected people in Bangladesh

Being in the tropical area, Bangladesh experiences a warmer climate during most of the year. Consequently, the people here too are adapted more for warmer weathers. That is why, whenever the country experiences the northern cold wave

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Proud Sponsor of Tri-Nation wheel chair cricket Tournament

We are a nation of unbreakable determination, unparalleled courage and dignity. That is what drives us to move forward, achieve the impossible. And with that determination Bangladesh team has won the champions award for the

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Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim, MD and CEO of SSG, received the first Stevie Award in Bangladesh

Yet another milestone is achieved in the recognition of Superstar Group as a company that contributes to the nation with great products and services, all in the reach of customers.

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Introducing world renowned American brand “OTIS” products and services

Super Star Group (SSG) Bangladesh has recently introduced world renowned American brand “OTIS” products and services. On that occasion, a contract signing ceremony

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Achieving Presidential Industry Development Award – 2016

Although one of Superstar groups moto is to do good for the people silently, yet we do appreciate and feel a great deal of pride when our works are recognized at a national level.

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