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HR Framework

The Pursuit for Excellence in Human Resource Management
Working at Super Star Group (SSG) would be a heartening and gratifying experience for sophisticated professionals. In SSG employees are always been treated more than their designation. Through strategic partnerships and alliance, the HR Department attracts, develops and retains a high performing, inclusive and diverse workforce, where we follow three pillars of the HR ecosystem:

Discover the right talent with frameworks
Develop them to become future-ready
Disrupt business outcomes by empowering them to become leaders of tomorrow

Then again, SSG fosters a safe, healthy, well-resourced and productive work environment for employees, their stakeholders in order to exploit individual potential, increase organizational capacity and ultimately appears in the business market as an employer of choice.

Benefits Include

HR EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION that leads to efficacious outcomes and move forward the organization whereas leveraging HR technology and remaining a financial steward.

TALENT HUNT AND RETENTION STRATEGIES including marketing and communication to attract and retain competent and diverse individuals to the organization. We are also focused to develop the HR System, Interactive learning event, Career preparation program and develop Business Growth Skill in potential future leaders.

INVESTING IN OUR EMPLOYEES’ DEVELOPMENT and intensifying our succession management programs that reinforce our strategy “Best of the Best”.

IMPROVING THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE through an employee engagement culture, wellness, diversity and inclusion, that leads to complete employee well-being, productivity and retention.

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