Solar Charge Controller

SUPER STAR SOLAR Charge Controller is a unique in design and high reliability. These charge controllers are extremely power-efficient due to its microcontroller based intelligent design.

Product Benefits

  • Prevents overcharging and protect against overvoltage.
  • Prevents completely deep discharging battery, or performs controlled discharges to protect battery life.
  • Premium charge controller has built in USB mobile charging option that can charge any mobile.

Product Specifications

  1. Capacity: 12V, 10A & 5A
  2. LVD: 11V
  3. LDR: 11.6V
  4. HVR: 13.5 V
  5. HVD: 14.7V
  6. Internal power consumption: Less Than 20mA
  7. Efficiency: 95%
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