241.68 kWp Solar Mini-grid at Char Baghutia, Daulotpur, Manikganj

Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. (SSREL) recently developed & installed 241.68kWp Solar PV Mini Grid at Char Baghutia, Doilatpur, Manikganj as an innovative sustainable energy solution for remote areas.

Char Baghutia at Daulatpur, Manikganj, is an elongated island located in Jamuna river. The length of this island is around 30 km from North to South with maximum width of approximate 7 km. Total population of this island is estimated to be 5,000. This island is not connected with national electricity grid. Thus for electricity facility the inhabitants are dependable only on SHS. According to the survey findings of Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. and IDCOL, the population includes various income generating professions, having the desire to use electronic appliances and capabilities to pay for grid quality electricity connection. The range of profession includes business proprietors, farmers, service holders etc. Based on IDCOL survey there are two local markets (Haat) consist of 194 shops, 6 rice mills, 1 sawmill, schools, madrasas and mosques. SHS ensures electrical support only for few hours. During winter and rainy season, they suffer a lot due to low sunlight.

Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. (SSREL), one of the pioneer sustainable energy solution provider in Bangladesh, recently developed & installed 241.68kWp Solar PV Mini Grid at Char Baghutia as an innovative solution using sustainable energy technology. The project consists of various major components, which are 912 pcs. 265Wp poly crystalline PV Module, 8 pcs. 25kW PV inverter, 18 pcs. 6.0kW battery inverter, 1 pcs. Multi cluster box, 288 pcs. 1540Ah @ 2V lead acid battery, 1 pcs. 150kVA backup diesel generator, 1 pcs. feeder distribution board and 100kVAR PFI unit and pre-paid energy meter. Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. (SSREL) is the responsible authority for the overall operation and maintenance of this project.

With this Solar PV based mini-grid project, SSREL authority is focusing to connect and supply electricity to the adjacent 1000 households, 100 shops, 15 social institutions e.g. mosques, madrasas and schools, 4 rice mills, 1 sawmill and 20 irrigation pumps through 5 km three phase and 9 km single phase (total 14 km) overhead distribution network initially.

Electricity generation from solar energy is pollution‐free during the operation compared to the current conventional way of producing electricity. The clean energy produced from renewable energy sources is expected to reduce consumption of alternatives gas, coal, liquid fuels for generating electricity in Bangladesh. This project is producing clean energy, which are contributing into lowering the electricity generation costs compared to the current costs associated with fuels and keeping the environment carbon free by reducing air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. This project already established a milestone, as a promising solution to mitigate the electricity demand of the distant population.

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