Corporate Background

SSG Properties is a company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Bangladesh with its Registered Office at “UCEP Cheyne Tower (3rd Floor), 25 Shegunbagicha, Ramna, Dhaka – 1000”.
It is a strategic business unit of the Super Star Group and which is also known as a SSG ( SSG Properties envisions being the real estate development wing for the group.

Our Objective & Mission

SSG Properties is a company formed with the objective of initiating real estate projects that are not typical but ‘out of the box’ in the industry, introducing new ideas and products to the market. We intend to engage in interesting, challenging and remarkably profitable real estate projects that are true to its vision.
We intend to be a boutique real estate company and will engage in exclusive and select projects only.
We will provide high-quality, comfortable living and commercial spaces. Our products will offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing. Our company is dedicated to a hassle free-living environment in which our customers can enjoy all of the benefits of safe, attractive and inviting spaces. We will remain committed to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Customer’s safety, happiness, and comfort will always be our priority. We will be competitive in the market and strive to create and deliver products that command highest value for money.
Within the company we will strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious unit focused on exemplifying our mission. Just as customer delight is an intricate part of our success, so is employee satisfaction. We will create a challenging, performance and cost conscious culture at our work place and integrate technology within our daily work. By remaining true to our vision and committed to our objective and mission we will increase and sustain profitability and shareholders’ value.

Background of Directors and Key Team Members

SSG Properties believes that its human capital is its best capital. Therefore, no compromise has been and will be made in selecting the best for the appropriate work.
Vision and objective of the company along macro concept and a five year road map has been created by the board of directors and key team members are geared to execute.

Profile of the Managing Director

Mohammad Ibrahim, the track record of transforming a typical family owned business into a modern corporate house with global vision has taken the real estate industry as his new challenge.
Over the last decade he has successfully grown the trims and packaging business of Super Star Group to ten times its size in revenues since he had taken the leadership of the business. He has not only grown the business and revolutionized the core management concepts at Super Star Group, he has successfully created a succession in the organization who’s now geared to take on the challenge of taking the business towards the vision he has created for the business.
His unique creativity, an eye for details, wide globetrotting history, clarity in understanding engineering and his passion for real estate is expected to be a promising blend required to steer SSG Properties to its desired in terms of financial gains and positioning itself in the industry.

Profile of the Head of Finance & Accounts

Mohammed Jashim Uddin, ACA has been working for different organizational in various field of Finance, Accounts, Commercial, Distribution & Corporate Affairs. Presently performing the job relating to operational activities and delivered various decisions to the entrepreneur regarding operational, commercial and financial aspects.

Vision brief

Our endeavor is to reinvent the concept of space in its sincerest sense & reinstall those simple values of living that we almost gave up on.
We do not expect our products be measured in quantity. Perhaps parameters like love, freedom & laughter are more appropriate tools of measuring its value.
Do you remember the time when children could just go out to play and come home safe & secured at sunset? More importantly, do u remember that the parents didn’t really have to plan a security operation just to ensure their loved ones were safe while out playing? That came standard, along with confidence that you live among quality & caring neighbors & life in general had a sense of repose.
This sense has precipitated into concrete jungles, a web of multicolored wires over our shoulders & an ignorance of the value of a healthy community.
Through our projects we wish to create awareness amongst consumers of real estate of what is really possible.
Our vision is to deliver the tomorrow of realty today!
We are committed to make this venture a truly worthwhile & enjoyable experience for our clients, shareholders & management team. We are SSG Properties

Our Management Concept

SSG Properties recognizes that there are special fields of expertise within the real estate space. Construction is a common task for all real estate companies in Bangladesh today. However, SSPL wishes to avoid direct construction management and maintain its focus on building on its core strength: continuous generation of fresh design & engineering concepts, project management and industry standard surpassing end to end client relationship management.
We feel that due to lack of focus the real estate companies have failed to comprehend their core challenges and were unable to fulfill the requirements of its clients leaving a host of unsatisfied clients spreading poor word of mouth about the industry at large.
Further, the company recognizes that opting not to manage construction directly invariably will result in apparent value loss or profits from construction, estimated to be Tk100 to 150 per sft. However, it also understands that construction itself is a specialized operation that needs years of experience and knowledge to yield true benefits from it. Therefore, it will be the policy of SSPL to use building or construction partners to roll out the construction aspect of any project under an agreement with clear terms of deliveries.
The value loss or loss of extra profit from construction will therefore be mitigated by buying expert construction services at competitive rates. Further, the construction partners will be held accountable to agreed terms of delivery and charged penalty upon any failure. This will obviously not be possible if the construction was managed under the same company that would result in delays in projects, financial loss and poor brand image. Using professional construction companies will reduce the likelihood of such failures thereby create unseen value of delivering on commitment to the market mitigating the extra loss of profits from avoiding construction as a value proposition in the business.

Profile of the Chief Executive Officer

Kazi Mohd. Abu Sufian, having around TWELVE years of solid, result-driven, real estate products sales, operations, marketing and brand management career. Currently working as SSG Properties, A boutique Real Estate company engaged in selected projects at Dhaka & Coxsbazar. Career started with leading business conglomerate Concord Group, evolved through Orion Group, Abdul Monem Limited, KDS Group and matured with SSG Properties.
Diversified exposure and expertise in Sales, Marketing, Brand management, Project Management, Strategic Restructuring, Operational Management, Training & Coordination sector.

Profile of the Legal Adviser

Advocate Abdur Rahman, A Dhaka University Law Graduate is practicing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh & has been working for different national & international organization as legal advisor and advising his clients on Corporate, Civil, Real Estate, Investment, Criminal & Company Affairs as well as constitutional matters.

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